Saturday, October 3, 2015

My favorite place to live

We moved a lot while our girls were growing up.  Our family was more like a nomadic tribe, transferring to a strange land for a few years and moving on to the next.  A friend once confided to me that I had totally messed up her address book with all our changes of residence.

My husband and I are now in our tenth location.  Many times I thought that surely this move or that would be the last. But God freed me from that myth a few moves ago.  My final destination is heaven. Anything in between, well, is just a rest area on the highway.

Often, people ask me where was my favorite place to dwell.

The center of God's will.

I have realized through many experiences and locations that the center of God's will is not restricted to a certain geographic place, but my relationship with Him.

Years ago and every year between, God has used a particular verse to change my heart and my mindset.

Not that I complain of want,
for I have learned,
in whatever state I am,
               to be content.

                 Philippians 4. 11

I chuckle, because written in the margin now some 32 years and nine moves ago, I had scribbled "even Tennessee."  At the time, I was a young lonely mom from Chicago with a two year old and a newborn in the Deep South in a house surrounded by cotton fields.  It was our first major move.  And I felt like a stranger in a foreign land.

But little did I know, not just the hardships yet to come, but the extreme joys, the deepening of our lives in Christ, over all those many moves and all those new places.  God taught me quite literally "in whatever state I am," to learn His secret of contentment.

Because whether it was Tennessee or Illinois or Ohio or Kansas or Iowa, I could dwell in Him.  He has strategically appointed me in that exact house, that particular block, that specific neighborhood, that city for deeper purposes than I will ever know for His glory.

And through the years with each bend in the road and huge changes, God brought me to observe that I have seen too much to question God in this.

The amusing part of "even Tennessee" is that is the state where we moved again last year.

Contentment is not a secret joy,
      nor dependent on circumstances.
It is a learned state of heart
    that not just prevails over circumstances
but flourishes in them.

God's deliverance may not be in plucking you out of a difficult spot in life, but engraving His joy into your heart in whatever state you are.

When I look back
on all those places now,
    there is not one
    that I would have wanted to miss.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Because the cookies won't last

When our oldest daughter went off to college, a long five and a half hours away, I felt a strong need to send her something more than an occasional care package.

Soon after she left, I read a particularly poignant verse while reading the Bible that morning, a verse that I wanted to share to encourage her as she began her college life.  Those were the ancient days before most people had cell phones.  Texting had not been invented.  And phone calls were limited to when she was actually in her room to answer the landline -- which was not very often.

But we had email.

And so, that morning, I sent her an encouraging verse of scripture. And in the subject line, I typed, "du jour."  A verse for the day!

The next morning, I did the same. And the next.  And the next. And the next.  She rarely responded, but occasionally, she would send me a note, "That was EXACTLY what I needed today."  God's Word encouraged and strengthened her in both quiet and mighty ways, supplementing her own pursuit in Scripture.  And sometimes in her busyness, it was the only Word that she carried with her into her day.

When our next daughter went off to college, I added her email address to "du jour."  And in turn, our next daughter.  And finally, our youngest.  Along the line, two son-in-laws were added to the list.  For a couple of years, two friends asked for the verses as they were going through tough seasons.

God's Word encourages, strengthens, guides us in the most intricate details of our lives.  God changes us through it.

To accomodate others who have desired this daily bit of Scripture, my other blog was born ( Click here to view today's verse or to subscribe yourself or a loved one to the daily email.

Because while I would love to send you -- or your college student -- some homemade cookies to encourage you, God's Word will last a lot longer in your life :)

Your Word is a lamp to my feet,
and a light to my path.

                       Psalm 119. 105

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Designed that way

Not that things would fall in place, but that Your incredible purposes are seamlessly woven together. 
Not that You would,
     but You are
     and You already have.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Direction, destination and everywhere between

Where am I supposed to be?

"Be found in Him."

                Philippians 3. 9

Saturday, September 12, 2015

All the direction I need

What do You want me to do today?

God answers,
                  "Be Mine."

That changes everything.