Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And why exactly do you want to get married?

This past weekend was a time of great rejoicing.  I am guessing that those who live in Memphis, you could hear the joy of the angels.  And for others who live elsewhere, that is why there was a glow on the horizon.  On Saturday, October 24, our daughter Kate was married to Justin Gregory.  Even through the windows of the chapel, it was as though a heavenly light appeared.  Their love for each other was obvious, and their love for Christ emanated throughout the service.  I have been to a lot of weddings through the years.  I have been to a lot of weddings that may have well been in a courthouse in that they were merely ritual and obligation, obtaining a piece of paper or making it official, as they say in the secular world.  This service had all the pieces, the music, the readings, the homily, the vows, the processional, and gala attire.  But there was a strong presence of the Holy Spirit in that place.  It was fraught with meaning and significance – many people have told me how moved they were.  I continue to pray that God would use and redeem that time in the lives of those who believe and those who are seeking Him.

     What made the difference?

     The pastor Mark Ottinger produced the evidence.  He and his sweet wife Tona met with Kate and Justin for several months for pre-marital counseling.  Mark said that in one of their first sessions, he downright asked them, “So why exactly do you want to get married?”

     And Mark said that they replied without hesitation, “Because we want to glorify God together.”

     That was the difference in that ceremony.  And that statement alone will make all the difference for their lifetime together ….and for generations to come.  Glorifying God together.

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