Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On This Day

On this day, forty-one years ago, I was sitting in our linoleum-tiled basement watching television with my grandmother.  As we watched Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, she remarked, “And to think in my lifetime I went from covered wagon to seeing a man walking on the moon.”


I know that I have written about my grandmother before and this incident which still stands so fresh in my mind.  But this year, I viewed it for the first time from a different perspective.  Because this year, I am a grandmother.  And I wonder what Maggie will remember when she is my age, what Maggie will think outlandish (already she looks at the little corded toy telephone and wonders what the receiver is). and  I wonder what stories Maggie will tell to her grandchildren.


What stories are we leaving for those who come after us?  Funny incidents, family adventures, and, I hope, the stories of God’s faithfulness which we all experience.  Because, as our daughter Hannah said when she was nine, “every day is a story of God’s faithfulness.”  And those things are worth repeating.

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