Monday, January 5, 2015

That ought to be enough for today

Back to reality this morning, despite the last vestiges of the holidays that remain around us - a box of ornaments that still needs to be put away, the mound of Christmas trees discarded at the recycling center, the last piece of cheesecake taking refuge in the back of the fridge.  Even the living room looks like something is missing.

And what of today, what of this new year?  If we want things to be different, something has to change.  That is a banner we can all rally around, until we realize the obvious problem.  If I point a finger of blame at  those around me or my situation, four fingers are pointing back at me.

A list of resolutions will only get me to the end of January.  But changes in my heart will transform me degree by degree.

Lead me, O LORD,
    in Your righteousness
because of my enemies;
make Your way
    straight before me.

           Psalm 5.8

The problem is that I want directions from God
       for where I want to go,
when He wants to direct my paths
       in ways
              and to places
beyond my wildest imagination.

And what do I set before my eyes?
A to-do list
      ranked by urgency?
A list of "ought to's?"

Or focus my eyes
        every morning on His Word? lead a life worthy of You,
fully pleasing to You,
bearing fruit in every good work,
and increasing in the
         knowledge of You.

                    Colossians 1. 10

He will direct my paths,
He will order my days,
He will teach me to think differently,
He will change my heart.

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