Friday, July 31, 2015

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

I have always thought of September as the beginning of the new year.  Another year in school brought with it a new arrangement of classes, activities, and choices.  How am I going to use the time that God has given me this year?

It is only the last day of July.  And I am fully aware that if I do not establish some non-negotiables right now, my schedule for the next ten months will arrange itself for me, the urgent crowding out that which may bear the higher good.  And another year will speed past, leaving me with a list of "woulda, shoulda, coulda," things that I intended to seek and pursue, but never got around to it.  It is as if we think quite suddenly a huge gap of "free time" will open up.  Ain't gonna happen.

And so, even before the new year begins, be mindful of what patterns of behavior you establish.  Those patterns will live in your heart and lock themselves in for a long time.  Indeed, many patterns will engrave themselves over your lifetime.

When we seek God and establish those patterns that bring us closer to Him, He will change the trajectory not just of this coming year, but the course of your life.

Seek out God's people,
a place to worship,
a means of fellowship,
those with whom
        to do life together.
Seek out a means of serving others,
    God will lead you to it.
Seek out God's Word,
     a daily pattern of engraving
        His Word on your heart.
Seek out how to increase
        in knowledge of Him.

It is not that we need to jam in more activities,
nor establish what is important,
            but that which is pre-imminent.

No regrets this year.
But moving forward
     one step after another. lead a life worthy of the Lord,
fully pleasing to Him,
bearing fruit in every good work,
and increasing in the knowledge of Him.

                             Colossians 1. 10

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