Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Christmas Crunch and What Do I Need to Focus on Today?

I awoke this morning, my head still stuffy with a cold that has clung on for weeks now, coming and going like an unwanted visitor.  I felt a moment of panic for all the things I need to do yet, company arriving tomorrow, and yes, I forgot two essential ingredients at the grocery yesterday.  Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mnd the most.

O LORD, guide my thoughts and my actions this day.

I swallowed the last of my coffee, turned around at the kitchen island, and said to my husband Bill, "Let's make a list."  He grinned, he who literally thinks in lists and spreadsheets.  "We can determine what we need to focus on, what is essential today and what can wait a couple days," I said.

And before I could even reach for a pen, I was stopped in my tracks, because when I looked up to speak to Bill, my eyes were drawn across the room by this.

In the shadows hung the busy-ness of the holiday, the stockings and garland, ornaments and other decorations. The intensity of the morning light was pinpointed on the Christ child, on Whom I need to focus all of my preparations for Christmas and all of my heart.

The familiar carol says "prepare Him room."  Jesus is not just an add-on in the background of Christmas, but He who came to earth to save us.  He is the Gift.

For unto us
     a Child is born, 
unto us a Son is given...

                  Isaiah 9. 6

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