Sunday, June 19, 2016

What to do with an imperfect dad

There are no perfect dads,
      only forgiven ones.

The biggest problem is not in our dads' own foibles and transgressions, but that in their sinfulness, we recognize our own.  None of us are perfect, no, not one.

Forgiveness takes our pride out of the equation
and breaks the generational cycle
               of blame and bitterness.

My salvation does not lay
     in the perfection of my dad,
but in my Heavenly Father.

The greatest Father's Day gift
          is not what you bring,
but in what you let go.

What is loosed on earth,
      forgiven even on Father's Day,
will be loosed in heaven.
That is what releases
the power of forgiveness
                      and healing
       for generations to come.

Our Father
   Who art in heaven,
Holy is Your name.

               Matthew 6. 9

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