Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Additional Step

I previously discussed positive steps to take in a state of singleness. After attending a Memorial day cookout yesterday, I realized that I left something out. Most specifically, in regard to the previously mentioned topic of establishing relationships.
This cookout was rather interesting, being that it was not at all the usual crowd. A random assortment of people, and quite a few who were new.
I went to meet two girls I hadn't seen before, and a couple of minutes later, several other girls had joined in the conversation. Glad to have connected them with others, I left the conversation to get a bottle of water. When I reentered the room, I saw a couple of guys on the other side of the room, standing off by themselves, clearly new to the group. I walked over to introduce myself, just as I had done with the girls. But this time, not one other girl came over to join the conversation.
I have noticed at such events, no matter what the location or activity, a similar layout arises: the girls all congregate together.
Please don't misunderstand me. I was so glad to see others joining me in welcoming the female newcomers. And I find it great that girls are building friendships. But I think at times, girls huddle simply because they are more comfortable talking to each other.
So the additional step I encourage you to take is really rather simple. Talk to the guys.
Obviously you do not need to do so with the intention of finding a new BFF. In fact, I think it extremely important to be cautious in how you act and how close you become in your friendships with guys. But that is another topic.
And you also do not need to do so with the intention of meeting your future spouse. (Though this is a lot more likely to occur if you are, in fact, interacting with guys.)
You do, however, need to do so with the intention of showing Christ's love to others. It becomes rather difficult for you to provide encouragement and support to your brothers in Christ if you do not know them. And you can't get to know them by huddling up with all the girls.

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