Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just a Little Bit

I love bookstores. You don't have to know me long to figure that out. But, as much as I enjoy them, I must admit that I often find them to be rather overwhelming. Especially used bookstores. I walk in the door and don't even know where to begin.
I have found it helps immensely to start small. Maybe the first trip is for a specific book. Then maybe a row. Or a section. And, over time, as I become comfortable with the store, I am able to enjoy more and more of it with each visit.
I think God kind of works like that, too. Starts small. His mercies are new every morning. Not enough for the year, or for the month, or even for the week. Just enough for that day. Though I am not at all implying the Christian walk will be easy, He will never overwhelm us beyond what we can handle (with His help, of course). Maybe a little challenge today, and a little trial tomorrow. But, as we learn to trust Him through these experiences, we find ourselves able to take on more than we previously could. And we are able to enjoy more and more of Him.


nicole said...

this is so encouraging, as i tend to become defeated quickly and easily (usually because i try to do too much at once). thank you for the sweet nuggets, every few days!


Laura said...

Thank you for your kind words, Nicole. I'm so glad you're enjoying it.