Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What If?

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Our oldest grandkids love to watch a show on PBS called Wild Kratts.  Each episode features a particular kind of animal, some of which are totally unfamiliar to me, and others even in their familiarity reveal new aspects of their God-created design.

As the Kratt brothers introduce the designated animal or species at the beginning of the show, they start off the episode by stating boldly, "What if?"

For them, that simple question launches an exciting half-hour adventure.

All too often, our own questions of "what if?" are driven by utter fear. "What if...!!??"  What we see may be scary, but the unknown generates even more fear. "What if?" is the conversation of despair, particularly in the middle of the night when the shadows are deep and irrational phantoms hold a loud dance party.

But with God, "what if?" opens doors of possibility.   I just need to take Him up on it.  Even in mystery,  God is fulfilling His plans. God is already at work in amazing ways.

Trust in the LORD,
          and do good;
so you will dwell in the land,
and enjoy security.
Take delight in the LORD,
and He will give you
    the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the LORD,
trust in Him,
         and He will act.

                  Psalm 37. 3-5

"What if" I followed the LORD like that today?
Not just for a half-hour episode
     but a lifetime of adventure with Him.
How would that change me
and tomorrow
and a year from now?
Trust Him,
take delight,
and commit my way to the LORD.
God redeems
      beyond the limits of my own imagination.
It is not just thinking outside the box,
but staking my life on what God can do,
          Creator of the universe,
          Creator of me.

What if?

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