Thursday, March 24, 2016

Four little words that reminded me this morning

Last evening, a sweet friend who God has recently put into my life shared an experience she had at work yesterday.  After giving the details about the situation, she smiled.

"God is at work," she reminded me.

I woke way too early this morning, a little bit overwhelmed by... well, everything, including headlines in the news, people I have only heard about, and situations where I am right in the line of fire.  And I began to drag each of these heavy boxes to the altar.  Show me Your way in this, O LORD.

But when I thought how to understand this,
it seemed to me a wearisome task,
until I went into the sanctuary of God.

                         Psalm 73. 17

And I felt the words of my friend engraved in my heart:
             "God is at work."

That is the reality.

Reality is what actually exists.  As my father's 1931 dictionary defines it, "Reality is what is, despite appearances.  It is opposed to the imaginary, the make-believe, the fictitious, the merely apparent, the artificial, the ostensible, the world of make-believe."

And as God says, "I AM."

This is not a different perspective on things,
a positive outlook,
a coping mechanism,
             but the reality of who God is.

God is at work,
    far more,
    far deeper,
    far abundantly
         than I could ever imagine.

Sometimes we get a glimpse
              despite appearances,
the deeper work of God.
Circumstances are not the end,
but they are just what He uses
                 and what He redeems.

"God is at work"
are the four little words that reminded me this morning
               of God's faithfulness.

You have only begun
to show Your servant
Your greatness
     and Your mighty hand...

                 Deuteronomy 3. 24

...that which only God can do.

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