Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jackets, little shoes and can't we go NOW?

I was getting on little sister's jacket and shoes.  Big brother was anxious to go ahead without me, with all of his two-year-old energy ready to race outside into the world.  "You need to stay inside," I told him.  He wiggled and jiggled and begged to wait on the porch.  All of my experience told me, one step over the transom and all would be lost.

"I need you to obey in place," I told him.  Immediately, he stopped in front of the door, right where he was, and sat down until we were ready to go.

Obey in place.  Not over there.  Not where I think would be a better place, a greener pasture, a more strategic or comfortable location. But in place.  There is a purpose in it.

The phrase "in place" refers not to a random location, but a given place at a given time, strategically layered to fulfill the purposes in it.  Right here.  There are too many reasons to list, too deep to comprehend at the time, precise even when it is not apparent, a proper ordering, now in effect, even when I can't see it.  Ready to be used.  Already being used.

Obey in place.  Here, O LORD? Wouldn't over there be better?

Pray in place.

Serve in place.

Love God.  Love others.  Right here.  In place.

But you shall seek the place
which the LORD your God will choose
out of all your tribes,
to put His name
and make His habitation there;
thither you shall go...

                      Deuteronomy 12.5

God's profound purposes 
    and His faithfulness are seamlessly woven,
even when I don't understand.

Wherever He leads
every opportunity,
every encounter,
every direction,
              why am I here? 
To be faithful to Him,
                   even in this.

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