Friday, May 6, 2016

Just keeping on

There are times in life,
seasons in being,
days when I am not quite sure where I am heading,
even what I am doing
       of any significance
       if at all.
But I can be assured
    that God works much deeper
   than what appears on the surface,
        beyond my own myopic eyes.

When I follow God just one little step,
what He places in front of me
         or that which sneaks into my heart,
He takes care of the outcome.
Take one little step of obedience,
    and the next step rises to the surface.

I read in the Wall Street Journal yesterday morning
about 85 year old Ed Whitlock who runs
and sets incredible records in his races,
faster than I could ever dream of running.

His training secret?
"Small loops for hours on end,"
             he revealed.

Endurance is established
           in our own lives,
God's strength in us,
through small obediences day by day,
sometimes a delight,
sometimes as Whitlock admits about training,
"...kind of a drudge."

But God uses
   even those drudge days.
God redeems
even what we cannot yet understand.

Faithfulness to God
       always bears fruit,
and through it,
God increases strength.

It is not the big events,
the marathons,
the crowds,
that bring Him glory,
but the small loops of faithfulness
      for hours on end.

There are no ordinary days
        in His sight.

And the LORD
    made His people very fruitful,
and made them stronger
               than their foes.

                        Psalm 105. 24

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