Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ready and watching

My husband and I are visiting his parents this week who live in a progressive care community for the elderly.  As we are staying with them in their apartment, we have been able to meet many of the people who live around them, interacting with these individuals in the hallways, elevators and at meals.

There are those who quietly move about, those who not so quietly complain about everything, and then again those who are not just thinking about their own aches and pains.

Yesterday in the hallway, we met Ann, a quiet older single woman. When we were introduced, she had a few flowers in her hand. And as we entered the elevator, she joined us, no longer with her bouquet.  She asked my mother in law about her upcoming knee surgery.

When we entered their apartment, my mother in law said, "I don't know where she gets them, but she brings flowers to anyone she knows is in need of encouragement."

After listening to a gruff fellow complaining in the lunchroom, Ann was a breath of fresh air.

Later as we left for a doctor's appointment, there by the door was a small bud vase with a few stems of sweet flowers, an intentional kindness just waiting to be discovered.  There was no note. There was no need of one. It was just a quiet encouragement from the generous heart of someone ready and watching.

Kindness is never random.  It is intentional.  And it always bears fruit.

Being nice is convenient.
Kindness costs something.
Grace is the most expensive watch in the case.

And the king said,
"Is there not still someone 
of the house of Saul,
that I may show
the kindness of God to him?"

                2 Samuel 9. 3

Who has God placed
             on my path today?

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