Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A great and mighty chorus of voices

Just seven days ago, that which started as a normal week took us by surprise.  And as I have seen over and over, what is not on my schedule is always the most profound of all.

Our seventh and eighth grandchildren arrived unexpectedly last Tuesday, tiny little twin boys far too early for their own birthday party.  And far too small.

When we realized what was about to happen, I texted a few people to pray.

And God's people rose up like a mighty army with vast connections invisible to the eye.  Entire networks of people prayed.  Someone would hear the need and call another.  People who didn't even know us, or our daughter and son-in-law, prayed fervently for the lives of these two very small babies and for our daughter.  I heard about a church in Nebraska rallying to the cry to pray, knitting ladies in North Carolina, chains of people linked together in workplaces far and wide, and somehow even a prayer circle of elderly women in a Catholic Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania, praying for the safe delivery of these tiny twins.  The faithful came to the plate.

It was as if people were ready and waiting to pray, taking great joy in laying this desperate need before our Heavenly Father, a great and mighty chorus of voices coming before His throne and bringing glory to God, even before His outcome, even as His power became manifest in ways we could not grasp.

When word spread out to pray, one of my dear prayer warriors who lives 500 miles away immediately texted me, "On this right now."  And later, even before we knew the outcome, she texted further, "It is a privilege to participate in what God is doing.  Thanks for including us!"

And as we all realized once again, the LORD is God.  He is neither a belief system nor a worldview.  God is alive and well and working supernaturally, far deeper than anyone of us can comprehend.  He never promised that life would be easy, but promised even better, "I am with you to the ends of the earth."  And that would be everywhere.

... even through the narrow squeaks and great crises.  Even through what appears is going to be an ordinary week.  With God, all things are extraordinary.

God's people sought Him.
And He answered their cries for help.

That is what I did last week.  I saw a mountain move.

The prayer of the righteous
has great power in its effects.

                       James 5. 16

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