Thursday, November 24, 2016

There will be glitches

A dear friend of mine was married last weekend.  Early that morning, I encouraged her to rise above the glitches.  At the end of the day, no matter what "went wrong," they would be married.

There will be glitches.  It is just a matter of being ready for them.

Even today.  Even on Thanksgiving.

Do not venture into unknown territory on an empty tank. Do not walk into the perfect storm alone and unprepared.

Be ready to cover all things with grace, be kind in your doings, loving in your words, sensitive to feelings, imparting grace, pursuing peace, forgetting that which lies behind, encouraging, edifying, filling your hands with healing, infusing every word with unconditional love, making the most of this time, simply to love those around you.  Loosen it up today.

That is what the indwelling of the Holy Spirit does to a person.

The glitches become opportunities to love a little more, a little deeper, not with our own strength but His.  I am not letting go of anything but a deadlock grip on my self.

It is no longer I who live,
but Christ who lives in me.

                     Galatians 2. 20

What am I bringing to the table today?

The Bible often speaks of the sacrifice of thanksgiving.  Thanking God, even for this, even before I know the outcome.  And sacrificing myself to love someone else.  What is left on the altar is my pride, what is left behind is His grace.

At the end of the day,
      the sweet fragrance of Christ lingers.

At the feeding of the five thousand,
there was not just barely enough,
but people by name feeling fully loved
     with baskets of leftovers to take home.

Thanksgiving is not an annual holiday in the Bible,
but a daily offering to God.

Go forth with great joy today, my friend.

O give thanks to the LORD,
for He is good;
for His steadfast love
               endures forever.

                      Psalm 107. 1

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