Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Others' Words

The sole purpose of this post is to send you elsewhere.

1. While really pretty much anything on the Desiring God blog is worth reading, the issue of seeking out opportunities for hospitality has been on my mind recently. Definitely something on which I need improvement. I also want to direct you to this article on George Mueller, which Tona was kind enough to share. (And if you don't already, I would encourage you to read the Ottinger's blog.)

2. I came across the Purple Cellar fairly recently, I think maybe in my Google Recommendations, and this quote stood out to me. I find there to be such a difficult balance between looking forward to the future and constantly dwelling on it. It becomes far too easy to become discontent in your present circumstances when you're idealizing that which is yet to come. But, as I'm realizing in a decision I'm currently making, sometimes change is not the best option.

3. My friend Adam blogs at both Watching Gravity and Second Eclectic. While his words (both in life and in posts) are always rather insightful, I especially appreciated his posts on ordering what we love and examining what we value. Priorities pose yet another difficult balance. Loving God and loving others. So simple in text. Yet so incredibly difficult in practice. Carolyn Mahaney wrote on a similar topic, here and here, regarding priorities for those with families. (I guess maybe this one doesn't get easier with time?)

4. For those that don't attend Fellowship (and, I suppose, even those that do), I recently discovered that Bryan posts his sermons on his blog. Might have a few less references to your neighborhood than the audio version, but beneficial nonetheless.

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