Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Not About Football

"It's not about football," my mom has told me countless times, even long after football season has ended.

But that is all she needs to say. I know exactly what she means.

I really don't have a dislike for the sport. I just didn't want to go to a Superbowl party once. And that became an easy excuse.

Satan seems to love throwing excuses our way. Any and every reason to keep us from Christ-like actions. Any and every idea he can plant into our thoughts to turn our focus to ourselves. Any and every justification he can generate within us to prevent us from loving others.

I tend to become angry when I realize I have fallen captive to yet another of these lies. When I realize that I am separating myself from potentially good friends, simply because in my seventh-grade maturity, I think that they don't like me. When I don't take the initiative and talk to someone new, because I see their hair with every strand perfectly in place and compare it to my disheveled and unbrushed mess, and think that they would prefer talking to someone else. When I don't call someone with the reasoning that, if they wanted to do something, they would call me. When I don't invite someone over, because I am embarrassed that I haven't had time to clean up or because I am trying a new recipe and am afraid it won't turn out right.

In giving in to these lies Satan embeds in us, we are preventing God from using us in those situations and in those people's lives.

Because it's not about the football. It is about the relationships.

Loving others means removing our pride. It means overcoming fear and taking risks. It means abandoning all excuses.

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