Saturday, July 18, 2009

Keep Wearing Those Socks

The timing of my mom's most recent post was really rather ironic.  That same morning, I had made an addition to my list of potential blogging topics.  The addition?  Why sometimes change is not always the best option.  Interesting.
Now, please don't misunderstand.  I completely agree with my mom in that sometimes, action needs to be taken.
But I think a significant difference exists between taking action and seeking out change.
And there will definitely be times when we seek change.  Times when we grow discontent with our current situation, and all we want is something different; times when we idealize various options, as long as they take us away from where we are.
Sometimes change is essential for our well-being.  I recognize that.  And sometimes it is exactly what we need to get us back on track.  I recognize that as well.  So I am certainly not opposed to what my mom had to say.
But other times, those blisters on our feet are exactly what we need to continue enduring for the sake of bringing God glory.  Because the truth is, there is a lot more to a relationship with God than finding the most comfortable pair of socks.  Discomfort is a part of the journey.
And in these times, by continuing in obedience with what He wants, rather than taking the easy way out, He is able to form us more into His likeness.
I have seen this repeatedly in the past couple of years.  Does my life look how I would choose it to look?  Not at all.  But I have seen God using so many of those "blisters" to bring me closer to Him.
Rather than seeking out change when encountering a difficult situation, why not turn to Him in obedience?  Why not trust in Him to use you in your current situation?  Because He can use you there just as much, if not more, than He can use you in your desired situation.
So instead of thinking "If only..." and how a change might enable us to comfortably enjoy our life more, our mindset should shift to how we can bring God glory by enjoying Him exactly where we are.  Blisters and all.

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