Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So What’s On YOUR Plate Today?

It is the dawning of a new day, the birds begin to chirp before the light begins, and suddenly, the darkness has passed. The day is at my fingertips, so to speak, and I realize that it is not I who raised the sun. This is the day that the LORD has made. Psalm 118.24

Life comes at you fast at times. The urgent shouts to us from the other room. And as my mother used to say, “I didn’t have time to sit down today.” One thing that I have learned is to make Him first in your day, and He will redeem that time
in remarkable ways.

He will order your day.

At one point, I went from rushing headlong into the day to stopping first and laying my day before Him. But now, I see that from a different angle. It is not our responsibility to lay the day before Him, but to respond as He lays the day before us. His plans may be very different than we conceive, and ever more eternal.

Just last week, my plans were disturbed by a plumber who arrived earlier than expected, and I had to leave a meeting early. In the first few minutes, he found a break in a valve and quoted me the price of a new car to fix it. “Three hours labor,” he explained. I called another to get a second opinion. “Sorry, but I don’t do that kind of work,” the second man said. “Call Drew. He’s the best.” He gave me the number which I wrote down and dialed immediately. Drew answered the phone as he was walking across a busy street. “Hey, you know, right now, I am not too far away, and my next appointment was cancelled,” he said. He was there in less than ten minutes and had the valve replaced in twenty. Turns out he was a believer and was having a problem with his kid. We talked for a few minutes. “You know,” he said, “I could not have better engineered this conversation. If you had called me at any other time, it would have taken three weeks to get an appointment. God had you call right when you did.”

God’s day, not mine. I would have missed that divine encounter in my own schedule of events.

William Wilberforce, who God used to impact culture and dismantle slavery in the British Empire, believed that if he did not study the Scriptures “the most pressing claims will carry (my heart), not the strongest.”

Don’t give God your day. Follow Him in His plans for you. Dig deep into God’s Word, and it will change your life, one day at a time.

My times are in Your hand. Psalm 31.15

For those who are reading the Bible through in a year, congratulations.
Today marks the halfway point.
Press on!

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