Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Often when I am out for a run, God will bring to mind people in my life, friends, family, loved ones, and, well, some not so loved.  At times it will be a person with whom I have just had a conversation or read an email.  Sometimes I am surprised – where did that come from?- someone I haven’t thought about in years.  Other times it may be a public figure like the President or person in the news. 

These are not aimless imaginings designed to fill up the vast recesses of my brain.  Over the space of time and by experience, I have LEARNED to recognize these contemplations as nudges from God.  God has placed a particular person front and center in my thoughts not just to think about them, but to pray.  And to pray NOW at that very minute.  We never ever know what that person is facing at that exact moment, an enormous decision, an overwhelming task, or perhaps, a temptation that seeks to bring them down.

I was reminded of these things last week.  The day after my dad died, I received two emails, one right after another, from two old friends who both independently said that God had placed me on their hearts that morning and over the weekend, and that they were praying for me.  They did not know what was happening or even where I was,  but they knew to pray.  And they had no idea how much I needed it.  I feasted in the month of March on the prayers of the saints.

So as you go about your day, grasp that opportunity to pray, no matter how random it may seem.  Because it isn’t.

The prayer of the righteous

         has great power in its effects.

                        James 5.16

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