Thursday, October 10, 2013

Show and Tell

The assignment asked simply, "What is love?"

I went to the dictionary and studied the entry:
    a strong feeling of affection,
       a fond and tender attachment,
    passionate devotion,
          a strong liking (as in chocolate!),
    a state of feeling kindly
       and of desiring the welfare of,
    to delight in.

And what does God say about love?

I picked up God's Word
            and realized 
                           this is it,
       right here in my hands.
Not just a few quotable verses
          or a couple of repeatable stories,
but it took the entire Bible
                      to describe God's steadfast love
            and the life of His Son
                                   to show it.

Show and tell.

Love is who God is.

By this we know love,
     that He laid down His life
for us.
                   1 John 3.16

God is love.
                   1 John 4.16

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