Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Favorite Way to Recycle Christmas Cards

Christmas celebrations have been relegated to memories,
the decorations stowed in plastic tubs in the attic,
but I never have known what to do
            with the cards of family and friends.
This year, when we received them,
     each card was taped to the screen porch door,
and a sweet fellowship greeted me each morning.
When I took them down at the first of the year,
I tucked them in the cubbyhole of the treadmill
    in order to read through them again,
    one by one.
And as I did, I prayed for each person,
       for families,
       for their joys
            and for strength through their struggles,
because I know that beneath the smiles,
       we all wrestle with something.
I would move the cards, one by one,
         from one cubby to the other to keep track.
It is April,
         and I am still praying.
The cards are a reminder to me
         of fellowship
         and prayer
  and that God loves you
             far more than I ever can.

We give thanks to God for you all,
constantly mentioning you
                       in our prayers...

                 1 Thessalonians 1.2

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