Saturday, April 26, 2014

Things don't just happen

Our young grandchildren are very much aware that things don't just happen.  Someone makes supper, someone built their swing set, someone did the work. They are young.  But that much they know.  "And you?"  I ask them.  "Who made you so special?"  "Why, God, of course," they both replied.

In the world,
we notice patterns,
and purpose,
because that is how God creates.
God has reasons for it,
   so complex
that man cannot replicate,
and not even improve.
And the things that man makes
use what God has already provided.
The theory of evolution
            is strictly utilitarian.
There is no explanation for benevolence,
     or awe.
When God created, He did not say,
             "This is useful."
He said,
              "It is good."

Ascribe to the LORD
        the glory due His name.

                        Psalm 96.8


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