Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And what exactly are we doing here?

I awoke this morning in what still feels like someone else's house in a new city and a neighborhood of people that I don't know. What are we doing here, LORD? I mused.

We have quite literally come a long way in the past twelve months, "a momentous year," my husband remarked over morning coffee and breakfast.

As I finished my reading this morning, recording in a journal verses for today, I noticed a separate listing of verses scrawled on the back pages of my notebook for 2014.  At the top of the last page was the word "decision." Verses dated and recorded on those pages brought me almost to tears, as if in His own words, God had chronicled His faithfulness to us in the past year.

At this time last year, we knew some changes would be taking place in 2014. We did not exactly know what. We did not know where. We just knew that God was leading us through it, virtually one step at a time, sometimes with an obvious steppingstone, sometimes in a fog.

And today, as I find myself in this new place in my life, I am thankful that I recorded those verses He highlighted for me in His Word. It was not just that the LORD was so faithful, but quite obvious to me this morning, He still is.

Here is a sampling of just a few of those verses:

February 1, 2014
Tell the people of Israel to go forward.
                     Exodus 14.15
(Follow Him into it.
Keep moving in that direction.
Even through what seems impossible.)

February 6, 2014
Behold I send an angel before you,
to guard you on the way
and to bring you to the place
which I have prepared.
                      Exodus 23.20
(Follow God into the center of His purpose.)

March 15, 2014
Then the angel of the LORD went ahead,
and stood in a narrow place,
where there was no way to turn
either to the right or to the left.
                      Numbers 22.26
(THAT kind of guidance)

March 29,2014
But you shall seek the place
which the LORD your God will choose
out of all your tribes
to put His name
and make His habitation there;
thither you shall go.
                     Deuteronomy 12.5
(It may not even be on our radar yet)

And finally, a verse which sums up our year:

May 29, 2014
A man's mind plans his way,
but the LORD directs his steps.
                      Proverbs 16.9

One thing that I can know about this past year and the new year ahead, I don't know what I would have done without daily delving into His Word. The LORD used it, giving me strength beyond what I could ever do on my own, directing us in a way yet unseen, bearing fruit through that we may not ever see, and showing us repeatedly His love, grace and faithfulness.

What exactly are we doing here?  
God knows.

He is faithful.
He is faithful indeed.

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