Saturday, December 27, 2014

Roll over

Our youngest granddaughter Luci has spent the past four months observing the world from her back.  This is just how the world looks, she must have thought.

 But quite suddenly as she wriggled around one morning, FLIP, she was on her belly.  She had a rather surprised look on her face.  Whoa.  Things look really different from here.  And she realized, as we all do at multiple junctures of our lives, we don't know everything.  Things are not just the way I see them.

Within the week, Luci learned how to get that different perspective on life. It didn't just happen. She lifted up her legs as if in an old ladies' exercise class, turned slowly to her side, and over she went.

She is on the road to discovery.  Nothing will ever be the same.

Stuck in our ruts, or stuck like a turtle on its back, we need to do the same:  roll over --a difficult situation, a stale viewpoint, a bad attitude-- and see people, places and problems from a new perspective.  God will reveal not just what to do but what lies underneath -- that which sometimes I don't want to know.  It is a whole lot easier to stay in my dormant point of view and blame others when it is my own selfish heart at fault.

As we enter the new year, a few obligatory resolutions are not what are needed, but a little exercise in learning to roll over.  Let God not just redeem our situations, but reveal new dimensions in our relationship with Him.  How can I see this person, this situation, this place from His eyes?  How can I respond differently?

A problem is only an opportunity laying on its back.

You have said,
       "Seek My face."
"Your face, LORD,
       do I seek."

          Psalm 27.8

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