Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A box of paper towels and other such mysteries

Our daughter was swamped with a big project which involved her working from pre-dawn to almost midnight yesterday.  With what little I can help and when I am available, I attempt in those situations to fill in the gaps.

I was on dog duty, going over to her house twice yesterday to let her dog out.  No big deal.  Glad to do it.

Since it was pouring rain all day, I took with me a box of paper hand towels to wipe off wet paws before her dog could decorate the house with excess water, grass clippings, and possibly mud.

When our daughter arrived to her home at midnight, there was the box of paper towels, sitting on top of the garbage can right by the back door.  She had no idea what they were for or why they would be there in that unlikely spot.  But as she told me this morning on her way to work, "Knowing you, mom, I knew that there must be a reason for it."

When I told her its purpose, she said, "That totally makes sense."

How often God places a person or situation on our paths that appears out of place, without obvious function, possibly inconvenient, uncomfortable, and illogical.

And God always has not just a reason for it,
           but purpose in it.
Something that may not be in my plans at all,
                        but in His.

I may not get it,
    but His fingerprints are all over it.
There is nothing random,
          or for naught,
in God's economy.

And our response is not a matter
of seeking an answer for a difficulty,
explaining away a mystery,
or concocting our own imaginings,
        but to seek Him through it.
I may never know why.
God just calls me to be faithful in it.

Knowing You, O LORD,
there is not just a reason,
    but purposes too deep to comprehend.

He is before all things,
and in Him
    all things hold together.

                 Colossians 1. 17

Even in this.

We would stand astonished
                if we knew.

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