Tuesday, August 31, 2010

95 days to go and counting

I ran my furthest yet last Saturday for my long run.  I charted out the distance on mapmyrun.com.  I ate breakfast, stretched, and took off while it was still early and I was still too drowsy to think about what was ahead.  The first half went well.  And about when I reached the halfway point, my throat parched and my legs beginning to drag, my beloved husband showed up on his bicycle with water and Snickers.  Just in the nick of time.  And while the water and Snickers revived my body, his presence and encouragement fueled my heart.

On the same run, on the way back, I passed through a park, the trail was lined with stately trees, providing welcoming shade and making me feel like I was running through a painting by Monet.  The sky shouted blue, and the trees seemed to shout for joy.  As I passed through this segment, now for the second time, I realized that someone a very long time ago planted these trees in this park, leaving behind a legacy that he or she would never see.  I could enjoy this beauty because someone was intentional about what they would leave to the generations to come.

Some days when you run, you think.  Some days you just go the distance.

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