Saturday, May 25, 2013

Can't carry a tune in a bucket and other such gifts

Yesterday on a long drive, I sang along with music from the radio, realizing that my voice was thin and wobbly, compared to those in the recording.  Oh, to be able to sing like that, I thought.  But as the hours rolled on, I realized it is not for me to lament what I cannot do, but to be faithful in what I can.

God reminded me that to each of us He has given a "voice," some more obvious than others.  My mother, a violinist with such perfect pitch, worshipped God with great skill in music, with all her strength.  My dad, a research scientist, in contrast, couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.  We used to say even his out of tune was out of tune.  But he worshipped God with all his mind, relishing and delighting in the laws of physics which reveal the awesomeness of God.

We once knew a 20 year old man with Down's Syndrome who sang his heart out in church to the top of his lungs.  Every time I heard him, I thought about how sweet his voice was to God's ears.

It is not perfection that God desires, but faithfulness in all He has placed before me, in all I do and say, with all my heart.

What "voice" has He given me today for His glory?

Every day, a new song.

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