Friday, May 31, 2013

Eat, Sleep, PLAY

I have been on grand baby duty this week again, developing a deeper relationship with my new grandson. And there isn't any workout better than that.  My legs have been strengthened from the countless runs up and down the stairs, my arms stronger from lifting a very cute 15 pound weight up and down and all around, and my heart...well, fonder by the day.

It is the time that we spend that increases the size of our hearts and bonds us inextricably with one another.  I am very aware that Adrian will not remember our walks on the greenway, playing "how big," and singing made-up songs and old favorites. But there will be a relationship there, never forgotten.

When I was a young mom and had to return way too early to my job, my mom took care of our first daughter day by day for several months.  Mom was totally out of her league, but she did her best, even by solving an afternoon nap dilemma by parking the baby in her car seat in front of the Cub's game on television. Mom loved Beth more than I could know, sang to her, talked to her face to face, and I am sure, played her violin for the baby. And when Beth was upset, Mom held her close, knowing well her cries for "I'm hungry," "I'm tired," and "Please change my diaper."  And sometimes, "just hold me."  The bond between them was evident through the years in their love for each other. Beth does not remember Mom's individual actions and her early days with Mom, but Beth knew a deeper love.

Because we live several hundred miles from all three of our grand kids, it would be easy to fall discouraged and lament the distance.  Or I can make a choice to make the most of my time with them, developing my relationship with them whenever and however I can.  We call frequently, exchange photos on email, and thank You, LORD, for skype and facetime. 

The same goes for my relationship with God, as I intentionally build on His love for me by spending time in His Word, praying, loving and serving Him, and through loving others, whenever and however I can.  The LORD knows my cries of desperation.  He holds me in His everlasting arms.

I relish my time with Adrian, his little gurgling noises, and his incredible smile.  He knows he is loved.   And so do I.

how majestic is Your name in all the earth!
You whose glory above the heaves is chanted
by the mouth of babes and infants.

                                        Psalm 8. 1-2

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