Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bold presence in small delights

The bold colors of autumn explode across a backdrop of deep blue, with all the markings of a masterpiece, careful and creative. It initiates a visual siege of grace, penetrating and persuading even the hardest of hearts to declare, "Wow!"  

Nature at its best? Or supernatural all in a day's work?  An incredible day? Or quite credible, indeed, in what only God can do, the awesomeness of God in a single spectacular leaf, a virtual party in a tree.

We look forward to autumn coming, the crisp days, the colors beyond description, the annual display so precise, the seasons can be counted on, written in indelible ink on our calendars.  The very moment of sunrise and sunset can be calculated mathematically for all of time, right to the minute, even before there were clocks, measured with precision centuries past and yet to come.  Even those who claim no God expect the dawn to emerge from the darkest night. And then rise again tomorrow.  Who do we think sets that perpetual alarm clock?  That which bursts forth every day?

It doesn't just happen.   God brings it.  We don't have to prove anything about His existence. We have only to wake up in awe every morning and praise Him as the evening comes. Right on time every day, just as God created it.  Man did not make up the seasons, naming them like federally-established holidays, or cause the sun to rise and set like a commuter train schedule.  God created the morning and seasons, revealing just another dimension of who He is and how God can transform for His glory a tree ...or me.

You have made the moon
           to mark the seasons,
the sun knows its time for setting.
...O LORD,
how manifold are Your works.
In wisdom have You made them all.

                              Psalm 104. 19, 24

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