Friday, November 15, 2013

Out of a clear blue sky

It is at that point of IMPOSSIBLE
that God doesn't just show up,
but stands there holding open the door,
          arms out wide,
          delight on His face
                 when WE show up,
     when we finally seek His presence,
             His wisdom,
             His leading,
             His path
                   and not our own.
God does not say,
        "Well, it took you long enough,"
     "Oh, I am so glad you are here."
I remembered this morning when one of our daughters
                frantically needed a place to live,
       her first choice having fallen through mere days
                                before she started her residency
                                in a city she did not know.
      God provided a temporary room with a cousin.
And then,
          when it was time to move on
                 and everything else had already been rented,
           nothing available,
                        panic prevailing,
          God directed her eyes to an apartment
                    less than a mile from her work
              on a pleasant street with bike lanes,
not just available at a future date,
                              but ready to move in.
I remember her phone calls of desperation.
I remember that particular call of delight.
God provided.
Provision literally means
                "for the vision."
It is not that God has to get things ready,
         but He already has the details designed in full.
It is not if things work out,
             but how He works it out.
Seek Him first
         and He will bring about the answer,
maybe something not even on your radar,
but always,
               always that we would know Him more.
The world describes the unexplainable
       as suddenly emerging out of nothing,
                   out of a clear blue sky.
But when we look up
         and view that incredible expanse of blue,
  we recognize that it did not randomly happen either.
                                God created it.
It is not just a clear blue sky above us,
not just an answer arriving by chance,
not a perfectly timed coincidence,
                     but all the fulness of God.

For Your steadfast love
          is great above the heavens,
Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

                       Psalm 108.4

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