Sunday, November 10, 2013

Price tags and what has been paid

I was invited by a dear friend the other day  to a home show where a woman displayed and sold clothing.  There was a variety of individual items which coordinated into countless outfits.  As she spoke about how to make the elements of your closet work together, the women attending the event  noticed that a price tag was hanging from the sleeve of the jacket the saleswoman was wearing.  She was totally oblivious to it until someone pointed it out.

A price tag cannot be hidden, nor what is in the heart. all your doings your sins appear... Ezekiel 21.24

We all have price tags hanging from our sleeves.  And it impacts all we do and infuses every relationship.

But the opposite is also true.  In all our doings, God's forgiveness is revealed.  When your debt has been paid, when you accept what Christ has already done for you, it cannot be hidden.  God changes your heart, your eyes, your work, your attitudes, your mindset.

When you are forgiven, you live by a different operating system with God's grace at the core.

A forgiven heart, emptied of its debt,
          is then filled with grace instead.
That kind of transformation
                 not only cannot be hidden,
it gets all over everyone else.
That giant SELF no longer commands the heart
            -- that price tag hanging from the sleeve.
Instead, grace flows from within
    because it is now who you are,
     God's love emerges
                     and radiates all around.


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