Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Through the eyes of a toddler

Adrian is now fifteen months old, curious and exploring.  Anything and everything attracts his attention.  Our daughter says that he plays with everything except his toys.  Indeed, he has carried around a small shoe box for days, stopping every few minutes to put something in it, and a few minutes later, take everything out.

He is learning through everything he examines or plays with.  That is what a toddler does.

He learns in all he does.

May we be aware of the same.

What can I learn in this situation,
        in this work,
    in this relationship today?
What is God teaching me
            to be more like Him?

The LORD is merciful
             and gracious,
slow to anger
and abounding
        in steadfast love.

                Psalm 103.8

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