Sunday, May 11, 2014

Unexpected finds on the side of the road

I have learned as I drive through wooded areas to keep my eyes alert to all that is around me.  The trees often form an arch over the roadway, and particularly this time of year, it appears as if I am driving through a cathedral.  And the other day, I saw a mama black bear and her two cubs meandering alongside the road, off in the trees, eating their way through the forest.

The unexpected appeared on my path this week also in another way.  One of our daughters is 24 weeks pregnant, and as of last week, she is confined to bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy.  I am now in Nashville, helping her out, keeping our fourteen-month-old grandson out of trouble.

And so, God places something else on my radar, not what I expected, but in His purposes.  And in this too, He will redeem and fulfill in unexpected ways.

It may have been a change in my plans,
         but not in His.

Eyes open,
    hands ready,
        heart on the alert.

God delights in providing the unexpected
     and redeeming impossible situations.
And sometimes,
             He uses you to do it.

What has God put on YOUR radar,
      who has He put on your path? whatever your hand finds to do,
               for God is with you.

                          1 Samual 10.7

He turns a desert into pools of water,
a parched land
    into springs of water.

                       Psalm 107.35

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