Friday, May 2, 2014

Traveling mercies

God never leads into the unknown,
but only into what
            I don't know yet.
God does not guide me into mystery,
       but only into trusting Him more.
He does not just go with me,
but before me,
behind me,
around me,
          and within.
He is not even limited by time,
  and I have only
      a toddler's conception of it.
God moves freely in eternity,
and I cannot even know
   what the next hour will bring.
He cares even when I don't understand,
He leads me through impossible seas,
              through the valley of scary places,
     and not just to the mountaintop,
              but moves them when necessary,
     sometimes when I am not even aware.
God weaves
         a quilt of His redeeming,
and future together
               in His grace,
       wrapped around us.
I have only to follow Him into it.
Does not the LORD
      go out before you?

                   Judges 4.14

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