Friday, May 29, 2015

That of which we are unaware

Two hikers were near the end of the trail, about just a quarter mile from the parking lot, thinking perhaps about eating supper and taking off dusty hiking boots.  I came upon them as I was heading up the trail for an early evening run, looking forward to the familiar gravel path that meanders alongside a rocky stream.  I have learned that when I take the time and make the effort to let God lead me beside still waters, He restores my soul, both literally and figuratively.  (Psalm 23. 2-3)

He heals the broken places, He redeems the gaps, He reveals Himself to me.  There is no greater refreshment.

When I am sensitive to God moving and working within me, He changes my vision for what is all around me. And I realize what I have been missing, those wonders I have just scurried by, lost in my own imaginings, distracted and preoccupied by an unending list of cares.

As I came up the trail, the sound of rushing water surrounding me, that hiking couple was standing quietly just beyond a bend in the road. I slowed down to a walk and came up silently beside them.

They were observing a large black bear foraging on the hillside beside the trail, paying no attention to us, intent on gathering the young tender greens that surrounded her.

The woman whispered to me, "We almost missed it! We started to walk past without even noticing her.  We have been hiking our whole lives and have never seen a bear in the wild."  It was a majestic sight, but what could have been easily missed, focused on other things and minding our own business.

Instead, God gave each of us a new story for our day, a time of His great revealing.

Your Word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.

                  Psalm 119.105

God's Word is not a list of impersonal directions,
do this, turn here, don't go there,
but an intimate "walk with Me,"
     that which enlarges my vision
                            and my heart.
I am no longer just concerned about my route
and my own doings,
    but aware of everything around me
    and everyone God has put on my path.

Even a bear.

That I might not just believe,
      but know that the LORD is God.

I don't want to miss
    even a bit of His goodness.
"Oh, did you see that?"

Help us, O LORD,
to not just scurry by Your wonders,
unaware of Your majesty,
Your goodness,
Your divine appointments,
              even in our wilderness,
              even in this,
for Your great glory
                     this very day.

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