Monday, July 29, 2013

By what we are known

May we be known
by a jubilant competition
       outdoing one another
            in showing honor
         and grace
               and acts of kindness
    even when not deserved,
   especially when not deserved.
May we be known not by performance
but filled with grace
and may that truth bubble out
         spilling all over,
     grace evident
      and covering everyone around us.
May we be known by excellence
         in all we do,
       not always being the best,
     maybe even never being the best,
   but seeking fully
                       to do my best.
     That is always what God can use.
And may His people be known
    in all ways and all times
                    by integrity.
      May others say,
         "I can depend on
              those forgiven people
           for treating me fairly
                        and with great grace."
Because if others cannot trust us,
    in our dealings,
    in our doings,
    in our "weights and measures,"   
      they may never know they can trust Him.
Be hilarious today
             with a generous spirit,
always eyes wide open
in opportunities both great and small
for loving God
     by loving others.
May we be known by Him.


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