Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Being all here

There is a strange restlessness that diminishes my sight,
      colors my day a putty-grey,
and tunes my eyes to somewhere
                    where I am not,
a place where nothing is hard,
everything would be right again,
          and there is no fear
          or potholes.

But I am here today.
And His Presence
  brings a significance I cannot grasp,
His purposes
  extend deeper than I can see,
  even in a million thankless tasks.
             nothing too small,
       a cup of cold water
            the highest ministry of saints.
God's subversive ways turn the world
                    right side up.
Nothing is lost,
no detail is wasted.

Help me, O LORD,
   not to be distracted by what appears an ordinary landscape,
nor hindered by the beckoning of a greener pasture
             nor even by the plaintive cry of "what's next?"
   but know You have placed me strategically 
                                        where I am this day,

Be Thou my vision.

Surely the LORD is in this place,
     and I did not know it.

                       Genesis 28. 16

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