Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Limited Vision

I didn't see it coming.

When I ran yesterday, I decided on a whim to go a little further on the path, to go past the two familiar wooden posts where I always turn around.  I am new in this city. And I am newly back to running after an eighteen month hiatus to heal my foot.

And as in most things, I am almost always shy about pressing into unknown territory.  "What if's"  keep me tethered to what is safe and known.

But yesterday, I ventured another quarter mile in the same direction, daringly going past those sentry posts and into the wild.

The path wandered through tall prairie grass and wild flowers dancing to the music of a gentle breeze.  A chorus of birds cheered me onward.  I could see a highway bridge coming up ahead, a good landmark where to return to the familiar.

And suddenly, alongside the path was a sign warning, "Slow. Blind curve ahead."  I did not know where I was going, nor what was ahead, but I continued with caution.

Not stop, turn around, beware of danger!  Not headlong and heedless!  But slow, careful, and aware of what may be ahead.  And as God would encourage, "Trust Me into it."

Seek Him out,
follow Him in.

As it is, whether in a comfortable familiar place or one entirely foreign, there are blind curves in our day.  We cannot know what the day may bring, but we can know the God who brings us through it.

And how much do we miss out on because we are so intent in our fear?  How much do we miss knowing God more into those blind curves?

I intended all along to turn around at that bridge.  But I followed the path under the bridge with its cars rushing overhead and through to the other side of limited vision.

The significant difference is not the other side of my fear
but that God is with me through it.

What emerged before me
         was not suddenly safe and familiar
but a beautiful new terrain
                         of trusting God.

This morning,
     I will go even further
into that strength,
even into that which I do not know
                but God does.

...but God was with him...

                   Acts 7. 9

And that changes everything.
God changes my story
through blind curves and wilderness places
for His purposes
       and for His glory.
It is only my vision
              that is limited and small.

What is beyond that blind curve of mine?
        God is.

What I didn't see coming
 was not my need for Jesus to be with me,
    but for me to run with Him.

"Be not afraid."
Watch what God does 
when I leave my fear behind
for what is before me,
      curves blind only to me.

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