Friday, June 12, 2015

What happened inside this old Kentucky home

In this house once lived a woman nicknamed Scottie, whom I have never met.  There are very few things that I know about her.  She bore five children, the youngest of whom was my grandmother, born in 1888.  When my grandmother was still just a little girl in the mid-1890s, Scottie moved her family from their home in Kentucky to dry, hot West Texas for the health of her ailing husband. She was widowed twice.

And there is one more thing I know about her that changed the course of her life...and mine.

I have a copy of her old Bible.  Once when I cracked open its pages, I noticed pencil markings in the margin.  She did not just read her Bible so very long ago, but the Word of God impacted her daily life.  One of the inscriptions noted, "Praying for the generations to come."

I was awestruck.  It occurred that among others, she was also praying for me, a child she would never see or know, who is now even a grandmother.  Did she realize that?

Never think that your prayers don't matter.  Your prayers make a significant difference in your life, in the lives of everyone around you, and to the furthest generation.  God is faithful.

I am so thankful that she prayed.  I am so thankful for her faithfulness to the LORD.  It did not just have bearing on her life, but also a very real impact on mine.

And as for you,
     if you will walk before Me...

                         1 Kings 9. 4

The LORD will use you
       beyond your wildest dreams.
He will impact generations
                         long after you,
  even the children yet unborn. that they should
        set their hope in God...

                           Psalm 78. 6

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