Wednesday, June 12, 2013


With the threat of an impending thunderstorm at midday, I headed out early this morning to run before the expected deluge.  I didn't mind at all.  A particular freedom is unleashed in those early hours, accompanied by a chorus of birds, quiet streets, and  fresh hope.  Running early also provides me with free-range praying before the concerns of the day lock me into a litany of requests. 

As I was rounding the last half-mile this day, rushing ahead of the darkening thunderheads, I saw a speed limit sign on a pole at the side of the road.

I had been praying for friends and family.  O LORD, their struggles and disappointments, heavy backpacks and immovable boulders, hopes and fears about sharp curves and sheer cliffs. 

And I thought about how I post such signs before God,
dictating how fast for Him to move,
       or how slow He should go,
 telling Him to turn here NOW,
 what direction
 and a much better destination,
    how I would do it,
when to speed up,
even what I expect along the way
          and who should be traveling at all.

What would happen if I replaced
those ridiculous restrictions
              with trusting Him?
Those finite limits
         only trip me up
      and ruin the view.
And what if,
I followed
    the limitless God into it instead?

Life would be so different.

Now to Him
who by the power at work within us
is able to do far more abundantly
than all that we ask or think...

                           Ephesians 3.20

...His greatness is unsearchable.

                       Psalm 145.3


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