Friday, September 20, 2013

A Many Layered Cake

Maggie asked for a rainbow cake for her fourth birthday.

She went about her birthday week, doing ordinary things.   She didn't see anything being done about a cake at all, no clues, no whispers, not even a glimpse of a cake mix box in the pantry.

Nothing at all appeared to be happening.

Meanwhile, 387 miles away, I googled "rainbow birthday cake."  Up popped several recipes, accompanied by full-color pictures of startlingly neon layers of cake, air brushed photographs, of that I am sure.

There were a lot of steps to construct this cake.  First, groceries were gathered.   Then, I had to carefully assemble the ingredients in order, and mix the batter. The oven needed to be preheated.  The cake pans were greased and lined with hand-cut circles of parchment paper.

For this particular cake, the batter needed to be evenly divided into six different bowls.  Food coloring had to be added, drip by drip, and stirred until the six vibrant colors were blended.

Brightly colored batter was spooned into three prepared cake pans and baked.  When those were done, the layers were taken out of the pans, cooled on a rack, and the pans were re-greased and re-lined for the last three layers.

The layers had to be cooled completely before frosting was spread, and the layers were stacked one upon the next in a spectrum of colors.  And then, the entire cake was frosted in white.  It appeared to be a very ordinary white cake and, well, a little on the tall side.

The next day, I transported it six hours by car to their house.  After supper, we sang Happy Birthday, and Maggie blew out the big number 4 candle.

When the cake was cut, SURPRISE, it was a rainbow after all.

And those prayers of mine, O LORD,
       I don't seem to see anything happening.
And it appears like it is taking
                  or not at all.

Maybe, just maybe,
     the answer is a long time in coming
because You have a lot of steps to prepare
       and assemble
          an incredible response for
                       a many layered prayer.
Maybe it's not time yet for the party.
Maybe the answer isn't ready yet.
And maybe,
                  my heart isn't either.

Be still before the LORD,
and wait patiently for Him...

                      Psalm 37.7

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