Thursday, September 26, 2013

Looking for Directions

The console of my car is now filled with sticky notes from my visit with my daughter's family.  How to get from the house to pre-school.  How to get to the library for story time.  How to get to the park to a) run, b) play at the playground, and c) feed the ducks.  How to get from the pre-school to Panera for lunch.

Turn right out of the neighborhood.  Turn left at the blinking yellow light. 

But the favorite parts of my week have been here, sitting on the bed reading stories to my grand daughter, playing with cars and trucks with my grand son, helping out in the kitchen, running around in the backyard, and sitting on the floor in the early morning light playing pop-beads with the children before breakfast.

Why is it when we are seeking God's guidance we think it always means going somewhere?  What about where I am?  Not what's always next, but now

Send me where You want me to go.
Or keep me where I need to be.
Help me, O LORD, seek Your purposes
     in that which is obvious all around me.

I am the LORD your God,
    who teaches you to profit,
who leads you in the way you should go.

                           Isaiah 48.17

And sometimes that means right where you are.

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