Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chris Christie and the Web of Truth

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Many in our culture sing a tune of
 "True for you,
   but not for me,"
when it comes to religion,
             and public opinion.
But when politics enter the picture,
   watch your step,
   because quite suddenly,
in this world "without absolutes,"
truth is still undeniably an absolute.
Did he,
         or didn't he?

One little lie,
one thin deception,
a coverup,
           and the truth will bring you down.
... or the truth
                will vindicate you.

The most shocking headlines
and the most popular crime shows on television
         are based on the absolute of truth.
It doesn't matter how believable the story,
how persuasive the opinion,
how compelling the appearances,
                  the truth dismantles it all
                            and sets it right again.

Truth will spring up from the earth,
and righteousness will look down from heaven.
                                         Psalm 85.11

The Hebrew word for truth in that verse
can also be translated as faithfulness.
Because what is true
                                can be trusted.

The basis,
the concept,
the reality of "truth,"
                          came from God,
whether you believe in Him or not.
Someone did not just make it up.
The desire for truth is wired within us.

The bizillionth exhibit of this
is being played out once again.

...be sure your sin will find you out.
                          Numbers 32.23

I hope, Mr. Christie,
that you are telling the truth,
             and that apologies are in order.
Because if not,
you have just dug your own pit,
ensnared by your words,
   and trapped by a web of your own choosing
over a little traffic jam. 

What "doesn't matter,"
what "no one will notice,"
                  always trips us up.
All of us.

Truthful lips endure for ever,
but a lying tongue
         is but for a moment.
                      Proverbs 12.19

Caught in a web,
            or set free by the truth.

He who walks in integrity walks securely,
but he who perverts his ways
                     will be found out.
                       Proverbs 10.9

Live above reproach
 ... and not just if you are running for office.


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