Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recognizing opposites

My four year old granddaughter returns from morning pre-school, ready to share not just what she did that day, but what she learned.  As she munched on her cheese-and-crackers lunch today, she talked about synonyms, words that mean the same thing.

And opposites, she pointed out, are those things that are not the same.  Wet and dry.  Day and night.  And then, she folded her hands.  "Praying," she said.  And as she took her hands apart, she said, "And not praying. Those are opposites too."

From the mouths of babes.

A choice we make,
         praying or not praying,
     about all that we face.
How radically different the outcome,
how deeply impacted our hearts,
how transformed our vision,
              when we take it to the LORD
              in prayer.

The prayer of a righteous man
     has great power in its effects.

                      James 5.16

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