Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Unplowed Roads and a Different Direction

I struggled with a worrisome situation
and it felt a bit like
    driving on unplowed roads,
  snow completely covering the highway
          and no lane lines apparent at all.
What direction do I take with this?

And finally at home,
     that unwieldy situation
         tried to squeeze into bed with me
         to rob me blind
                 of whatever sleep I could get.
How do I handle this?

When I got up this morning,
     there it was,
         waiting like a pair of slippers
                            at the side of the bed.
I grabbed my coffee
            and headed into God's Word,
    wondering as I read,
                  how to know what to do.
And just a few verses into my reading,
   there was my answer,
   in Leviticus of all places,
      point blank amidst the sacrifices.
...and offer it for a pleasing odor to the LORD.
                                    Leviticus 6.21

I can treat this situation my way,
   or let God redeem it as an offering to Him.
We all want to do big stuff for God
     and be faithful to Him.
That would include
      even this struggle that most would
              not consider much at all,
        a letting go of a hurtful action,
                              a wounding,
                 even the grip of my own pride.
My intentional offering on the altar
     manifests itself in whatever I do,
                         and think today,
even my attitude in an unpleasant situation.
In every way
         -- always --
  words and deeds of grace
               are most fragrant of all
      before Him.

Even in this.
"Just offer it to Me."

Commit your way to the LORD,
trust also in Him,
           and He will act.

                      Psalm 37.5

This too is a form of worship
         and a different direction.

Bless the LORD,
             O my soul,
and all that is within me,
bless His holy name.

                       Psalm 103.1


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