Friday, February 21, 2014

Hide and seek

When our girls were young, they made up a game of hide and seek where instead of the children hiding, a stuffed animal was hidden from view.  Sometimes they found it under a cushion or the couch, behind a chair or on the bookshelf.  The room was familiar and ordinary, but as they entered the space, they viewed it differently.

God gives us a heart to see the extraordinary
            right in the middle of what may appear
      as the most familiar and common of all.

We have only to look,
         seek Him in it,
    and serve God through it.

There is nothing ordinary
                    in His eyes,
        no ordinary days,
        no ordinary ways.

You will seek Me
                 and find Me;
when you seek Me with all your heart,
     I will be found by you,
                    says the LORD...

                        Jeremiah 29. 13-14

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