Sunday, February 9, 2014

Split Seconds of Extraordinary Blessing

I was walking down the stairs late last week when I happened to glance out the window onto the frozen terrain of a February winter day.  And there, quite suddenly before my eyes, was a red fox in the wild, sniffing about the vacant lot next door, totally oblivious that he was being watched.

I snapped a picture with my phone just to document his existence.  Before I could zoom in to snap another closer up, the coppery red creature darted away on his little sneaky feet, his fluffy tail flowing behind him, like a bushy scarf which belonged to a much larger animal.  Within seconds, he was out of sight, invisible to me amidst the line of trees and brush.  And yet, I knew he was still there, beyond my limited vision.

How much are we surrounded by the extraordinary work of God that we never even see?  He is there.  He is working all around us.  He is working all within us.  And we are not aware.

Sometimes I don't happen to look up
from my busy-ness
                 to notice anything at all,
and yet,
I am embraced on all sides
        with what would take my breath away.

how majestic is Your name
            in all the earth.

                      Psalm 8.1

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