Sunday, March 9, 2014

Busy-ness and Being There

Today, I return home.

Almost three weeks ago, my phone rang on a frigid February afternoon.  It was our eldest daughter who was just barely in her last month of pregnancy with her third child.

It was what I call the 911-Mom call.  "Mom, I need you to come."  I literally dropped what I was doing, packed a bag, and jumped on the highway, heading east in sixty minutes.  Six hours later when I arrived at their home, she greeted me at the door, pale and exhausted.

She stayed in bed for the most part of the next three days.  Her early contractions eased off, color came back to her face, and I could visibly see her energy returning.

I traveled home when all was stabilized.  Just 48 hours later, the baby arrived.  And I came back.

In the course of my time here, I spent a lot of time with our precious grandchildren.  There was much to do, but I know from experience that it is even more important to "be there."  That is one aspect of parenting that I would love to re-do with grand parenting.  In whatever I am doing, engage.

And so, I entered and engaged in the children's world, and they joined me in mine.  I plunged into theirs, playing dolls and cars and trains and doctor's office.  And they entered my doings.  We cooked together.  We did laundry together.  We baked treats -- kind of like playing with Play-doh, but you get to eat the outcome:). We read together.  We went on "field trips" to Target.  In whatever we did, we found the fun in it.

It may have been quicker and a lot easier to do those things on my own, but then I would have been the biggest loser.  It is not the activity, it is not the checking off a to-do list, it is being there, developing and building relationships with those around me.

Every day is an opportunity,
    vast and precious,
bearing fruit
         to the furthest generation,
far more than any of us
                  can possibly realize.

Wherever you are,
              be there.

Let God fulfill His purposes
                         through you,
         even today,
         even in this.

...making the most of the time...

                     Ephesians 5.16

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